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About TAXA 4x35

About TAXA 4x35

Welcome to TAXA 4x35

For more than 100 years TAXA 4x35 has been an integrated part of urban city life. Today TAXA 4x35 has more than 1,000 taxis in Copenhagen offering a taxi services for private and business customers, as well as special transportation of passengers with reduced mobility. The TAXA 4x35 taxi-app has more than 600,000 downloads. Learn more about TAXA 4x35 here



Taxi booking (1-4 passengers):
Phone: +45 35 35 35 35

Please use this complaint form

Taxi booking (5-8 passengers):
Phone: +45 35 39 35 35
E-mail: callcenter@taxa.dk

Handicap transportation:
Phone: +45 35 39 35 35
E-mail: callcenter@taxa.dk

Lost items:
E-mail: callcenter@taxa.dk

Inquiries about invoice, taxi account, taxi card, taxi voucher etc.
Phone: +45 35 30 91 62

TAXA 4x35's addresses:
TAXA 4x35's headquarter
Rosenlunds Allé 8
2720 Vanløse

Other inquiries:
Phone: +45 35 35 90 01
E-mail: taxa@taxa.dk


Press releases

For full overview of TAXA 4x35's announcements and
press releases click here
(all our press releases are in Danish)


Taxi owner? Join TAXA 4x35!

TAXA 4x35 is owned by more than 500 independent taxi owners, all members of the taxi association ”Sammenslutningen TAXA 4x35”. Why you should join TAXA 4x35 as a taxi owner - learn more here

Already taxi owner at TAXA 4x35?
Log in Vognmandsportalen here


Frequently asked questions

The following provides answers to some of the frequently asked questions about TAXA 4x35, our TAXA APP, taxi booking, payment etc. Click on one of the boxes below to see frequently asked questions within the topic.


GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

Read about TAXA 4x35's GDPR policy HERE



3 ways to book a taxi:

1. Use our taxi booking widget on your right (not available on mobile)
2. Call +45 35 35 35 35
3. Download our app  Android  iPhone


Be aware of the fact that pre-booking a taxi doesn't guarantee a taxi. We can't always guaraneet with a 100% that the taxi will arrive at the precise moment you want it. However, it is very few pre-booked taxis that don't arrive on time. Read more here.


Download TAXA 4x35 App

Book and pay a taxi with our app. It's quick, easy and safe! Our taxi app is FREE and available in iOS and Android.


TAXA APP for Iphone TAXA APP for Android

Airport taxi

Book & pay airport taxi

Book and pay your airport transfer online here and avoid card and cash payment in the taxi. Use our smart taxi booking widget on your right to order and pay for a taxi to Copenhagen Airport (not available on mobile).
Learn more about airport transfer here



Special taxi services

TAXA 4x35 offers a wide range of special taxi services – all tailored to provide the best transport service to our customers. Learn more about our special taxi services below.


Are you going to a party? Book a PartyTAXA!


Tourist in Copenhagen? 2-8 hour sightseeing

Mini busses

Book a minibus that can accommodate 5-8 passengers.

Handicap transportation

TAXA 4x35 has special vehicles for handicap transportation.

School taxi service

TAXA 4x35 offers school transportation service.

Public taxi service

TAXA 4x35 - the taxi supplier of the public sector.

Rent a taxi

Rent a taxi from TAXA 4x35 for an hour or a whole day!



Find an overview HERE



Become business client

More than 3,000 business clients have already chosen TAXA 4x35 as their taxi supplier – what are you waiting for? Learn more about TAXA 4x35 and how you become business client here

Become business client

Business solutions

TAXA 4x35 offers a wide range of business solutions for big and small businesses. Follow the links below to learn more about our business solutions.

Online booking system

- is designed for businesses. It is userfriendly and FREE!

Payment solutions

- wide range of payment solutions. Learn more about Taxi cards & vouchers Taxi account

Taxi booking agent

- let TAXA 4x35 manage and coordinate taxi bookings at your next event.

Uniformed drivers

- book a taxi with an uniformed driver!

Free WiFi

- in all of our taxis!
Extra service & entertainment during your taxi ride.

Rent a taxi

TAXA 4x35 offers taxi rentals. Rent a taxi for you, your guests and employees.


Open a taxi account

Avoid expenses and cash payment in the taxi by opening a taxi account at TAXA 4x35!
Learn more about taxi account here


Open a taxi account here


Order taxi cards & vouchers

Order taxi cards and taxi vouchers to hand out to your guests or employees! To order a taxi voucher or taxi card, please follow the link below.
Learn more about our taxi cards and taxi vouchers here

Order cards & vouchers here

iphone taxa app

Get a TAXA.nu login

TAXA.nu (=TAXI.now) is our smart online booking system designed for business clients. It's an easy, userfriendly and FREE system that makes the administration of taxi bookings much easier. You can connect TAXA.nu to your taxi account and our TAXA 4x35 App.

Get a TAXA.nu login

Frequently asked questions

The following provides answers to some of the frequently asked questions about TAXA 4x35 and our services. Click on one of the boxes below to see frequently asked questions within the topic.

smart choice

The smart choice

Over 10.000 trips each day - TAXA 4x35 is not only an integrated part of the townscape, but also a way of life for many of our passangers: pupils, turists, business men, teenagers who need to get home quickly. Here are 7 good reasons why you should choose TAXA 4x35 as your taxi provider - make a smart choice!

  1. Minimal waiting time in the capital!
    Over 1,000 taxis and a waiting time less than 5 minutes in city centre (between 5 to 10 minutes outside Copenhagen City). Learn more

  2. Maybe the most digital taxi company in Denmark!
    TAXA 4x35 is the most innovative taxi company and first mover within new technology in the taxi industry. Learn more

  3. Elegant transportation, completely add-free!
    TAXA 4x35's profile is recognisible, exclusive and all advertising free. Learn more

  4. We are big on maxi cabs!
    TAXA 4x35 is the largest provider of maxi cabs in Denmark. You can also rent our maxi cab for a few hours or a whole day. Learn more

  5. Professional taxi provider for 3.000 business clients!
    Over 3.000 business clients have already chosen TAXA 4x35 because we are the smart choice! Learn more

  6. Free wifi for all TAXA-customers
    Get free wifi access from the backseat of our taxis. Ask the driver for password and get connected to the largest and most mobile wifi zone in town. Learn more

  7. Pay your trip with our taxi app
    Register your cards and payment will be drawn automatically as you leave the taxi. Smart, easy and safe payment with our app! Learn more


Our history

  • Take a peak into TAXA's history - when it all began in Copenhagen back in 1909, when "horse power" got a new definition, up till today, where TAXA is the largest taxi provider in Denmark with its 800 taxis in Copenhagen and Kolding.

  • 3878

    2015: TAXA 4x35 is the first taxi company to offer free wifi and taxi payment with app

  • 1390

    2011: TAXA launches an app and is nominated to the Danish App Awards the same year

  • 1372

    2009: TAXA 100 years anniversary.

  • 1368

    1998: TAXA gets a make over and the iconic phone number 3x35 changes to 4x35

  • 1972: TAXA becomes the first taxi company in Europe to use a digital dispatch system

  • 1371

    1960: TAXA's own logo, also known as the chop is launched - today it is widely known as the taxi logo across the country

  • 1365

    1935: TAXA's own first female driver

  • 1362

    1909: the 4 cylinders Auto Association is established