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Booked and pre-booked taxi

Booked and pre-booked taxi

A pre-booked taxi is not the same as a guaranteed taxi. A pre-booking allows you to book a taxi beforehand, but the execution of the order will be subject to the supply & demand situation og the pick-up time, just as when you book the taxi at the time, when you need it.

A booked or pre-booked taxi can give the impression that it is the same as a having booked a seat in a train or airplane, but this is far from the case, as you in the latter case would pay for the reservations prior to the trip. This is not how it works when booking a taxi.

We fully understand your frustration when waiting for a long time for the taxi to arrive – and maybe with a deadline at the other end. However, it is unfortunately beyond TAXA’s reach and TAXA’s responsibility that another form of transportation, which the customer has booked, is not reachable in time, as we have no collaboration with flight companies and others in regard to departures etc. It is the customer’s own responsibility to take precautions in relation to booked flights etc. Many things can contribute to a sudden delay when travelling, which is why it is always important to count in plenty of time when planning a trip.

We recommend that you pre-book the taxi to arrive at the pick-up address with plenty of time to spare.

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