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Now you can keep your party going in a PartyTAXA!

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Do you and your friends need to get in the right mood on your way to the party, or do you just need to keep the party going, when you’re all going out in the night?

Then you should order a PartyTAXA with TAXA 4x35 where you are the DJ and the bartender! 

A PartyTAXA is a mini bus, which looks like one of our ordinary mini busses for 6-8 people on the outside. However, when you enter the mini bus, there are build-in disco lights, loud music according to your wishes, and you can bring your own drinks. Which means that you and your friends can actually continue your party from where it ended!

You need to book a PartyTAXA at least 1 hour before you want to be picked up. When booking a PartyTAXA you need to inform your pick-up destination, end destination, number of passengers, date and time. The booking can be done through TAXA 4x35’s call center by phone +45 35353535 or email:

Besides the normal taxi fare, there will be added a DKK 100,- fee pr. ride for a ride with PartyTAXA.

Our PartyTAXA chauffeurs primarily rides in the evening and nights in Copenhagen and that area. We have a limited amount of PartyTAXAs, so it is first come first served.

Watch videos on the Facebook page of one of the PartyTAXA cars HERE


PartyTAXA 4x35