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The smart choice

The smart choice

Pay your taxi with our app

Taxi payment should be quick, easy and convenient, which means that you don't even need to reach out for your cash or creditcards riding with TAXA 4x35 - you can just pay through our app!

Register cards in the app and payment will be automatically drawn as you leave the taxi. And the receipt will be automatically sent to your mail. Paying with cash or credit card in the taxi is still possible, if you do not wish to pay by our taxi app.  

Book and pay your taxi trip directly from our taxi app. TAXA 4x35 App is free and available in iOS and Android.  

Get started:
1. Add payment card(s) in App
2. Let the App find you through GPS
3. Type your name & phone number
4. Jump in our taxi
5. Jump off & get the receipt by e-mail


TAXA 4x35 APP   TAXA 4x35 App

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