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Taxi booking agent

Taxi booking agent

If you are planning a large event, e.g. a company party, a concert, a wedding or something completely different, TAXA 4x35 offers you an extraordinary service – a Taxi Booking Agent to handle all your taxi bookings.

What is a Taxi Booking Agent?
A Taxi Booking Agent is one of TAXA 4x35’s experienced employees, with a professional and corporate attire, who will be present at your event, handling all taxi bookings for you guests, so they can end their night with a comfortable ride home – or onwards. With a Taxi Booking Agent at your event, you can avoid the chaos that often occurs when many people need to book a ride at the same time.

The taxi booking agent sets up a small stand at your event, brings necessary IT-equipment to handle the bookings, and makes sure that the bookings for your guests are done professionally and problem-free. When the task is completed, the Taxi Booking Agent will pack up the stand, and you will receive an invoice for the service.

What is the price of a Taxi Booking Agent?
1 Taxi Booking Agent for 2 hours:                    DKK 1450.-

2 Taxi Booking Agents for 2 hours:                  DKK 1950.-

The price includes transport for 10 km to and from the address of TAXA 4x35 in Vanløse. If the distance to your location is more than 10 km, ordinary taxi rates apply.

If you wish to book a taxi booking agent for more than 2 hours, the additional cost is DKK 500.- per commenced hour.

This is how you book a Taxi Booking Agent with TAXA 4x35
Fill out our booking form with information about your event and send it to – we would like to receive your booking 14 days prior to your event.
If you have questions about our Taxi Booking Agent, please contact our call center on our number +45 35353535.

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