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Taxi fares

Taxi fares

Would you like to know the price for your taxi trip before booking?? 

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New taxi fares

In April 2018 we have update our taxi fares according to the danish taxi legislation. Customers can compare the price levels of Copenhagen taxi companies with the so called "door prices" which is the average price of a taxi ride with 10 kilometers/12 minutes on Tariff 1 and 2. TAXA has following door prices: 

Door price tariff 1: 10 km/12 min. DKK 194,-

Door price tariff 2: 10 km/12 min. DKK 246,- 

Following taxi fares apply:




Extra charges

Fee for bike and luggage placed on the outside of the car: DKK 20,-

Luggage assistance or other assistance at the destination (if the taximeter isn't still on): DKK 20,- 

When crossing a toll bridge, the customer also pays for the return ticket.

Fee for crossing The Oresund Bridge: DKK 350,-

Fee for crossing Great Belt (The Storebælt Bridge): Daily price + administration fee

Extra fee for PartyTAXA: DKK 100,- (read about PartyTAXA HERE)

The driver is not allowed to ask for tips.


Fixed hourly rates

TAXA 4x35 offers fixed hourly rates in the Copenhagen area.

Fixed hourly rate include 20 km. If you need more time or km than you have booked, you will need to pay for an extra half or whole hour - depending on your need for extra time. You can also choose to pay for extra time or km on taxameter (please note that start tariff will be added).


Fares incl 20 km DKK 499.00 DKK 629.00
Additional ½ hour DKK 249.50 DKK 314.50