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Taxi owner

Taxi owner? Join TAXA 4x35

Our taxi owners and taxi drivers are the faces of TAXA 4x35, which is why we strive to make TAXA 4x35 the best and most desirable taxi company to work for. Here are 10 simple reasons why you should join TAXA 4x35:

1. TAXA 4x35 has the highest average revenue per taxi
2. We generate more dispatched taxi trips than any taxi company in Copenhagen
3. TAXA 4x35 turned a deficit of DDK 8 mil. in 2013 into a profit of DDK 5 mil. in 2013
4. TAXA 4x35 uses a smart dispatch system - Pathfinder
5. Get access to our taxi owner portal, newsletters etc.
6. We wrap your new vehicle into a stylish and exclusive corporate profile - free of charge
7. Free and effective drivers courses
8. Get driver uniforms at reduced prices - order & pay the uniforms online
9. High level of service for taxi owners and drivers at TAXA 4x35
10. Right to vote at Annual Taxi Association Assembly of TAXA 4x35 Sammenslutningen

Contact us per e-mail or phone +45 35 30 91 60 for further information about how you join TAXA 4x35 as a taxi owner or taxi driver.

Uffe Christensen

Uffe Christensen - car owner

"My self and 4 good collegues of mine decided to join TAXA 4x35 in late 2013. The decision was based on higher revenue and the fact that the company is tech-savy and has a high level of communication. We can only say that TAXA 4x35 has exceeded our expectations"

Munir Azam

Munir Azam - car owner

"I started back in 1991 as a driver - today I have 3 cars and all the drivers are very pleased with the company and its development. My driving filosophy is centrered around centrally dispatched trips and because of that, I'm fully satisfied with TAXA's sales activities results - a solid business customers base".